You can picture it. It's the day after the 4th of July.

A lot of people have the day off.  Most people assume we have the day off, too.  And really, half the office is gone.  There's only maybe four of us in the building.  I  know, I know, you're probably saying "But aren't you supposed to be WORKING", I get it. If I had work to do, I'd do it.  But you know what 10:44 on a rainy Friday is like with nobody in the building and nobody calling?  You get Creative.


We tried surprising our small group of co-workers with said ball, but it didn't really work.


No people or animals were injured by the bouncing of Terry The Ball.


Of course, no work was actually abandoned or ignored in favor of the ball.  In fact, we put him to work.  Soon Terry became a model employee.


He probably did a better job of answering the phones than I did.


In fact, Terry moved up the ranks quite quickly.  From a mere ball to receptionist, and now, sales ace.  He's definitely making more money than I am now, but I'm not salty about it.

And everyone loves his super bouncy personality.  And just in case anyone from corporate is reading this, I swear, we did our work first.  It was really just a slow day.

Bouncily yours,


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