Ok, if you read it on the internet, it has to be real...right? Could this be correct?

I was doing my morning perusing of the internet to help find content for my morning show. I ran across this story and I had to click on it after reading the headline on unitednews.org. Here's what I saw...Lee's Summit, MO Man Who Booked Prostitute Finds It's His Own Wife.

After reading the story, it was pretty much what you thought it would be. The husband steps out on his marriage looking for someone else on the internet to meet up and spend a few extra hours while his wife is none the wiser. But this had a twist to it.

When the husband found a "desirable younger woman" on a site, he plans to hook up with her at a area motel. Little did he know that his rendezvous would be with someone he knew...intimately.

The younger woman turned out to be his wife. She had put herself on a website for prostitutes, and it turns out she was the 27-year old he thought he was to meet.

After she arrived at their agreed-to destination, the couple starting arguing and guests in adjoining rooms called the front desk to complain of a disturbance. The police were called and the husband may be facing charges under tough prostitution laws.

Is it a true story? I'm not sure, but if it was, here's a message for the couple. As Gomer Pyle would eloquently say..."Shame, shame, shame!"

Police officer delay prostitute
Ivan Fisun


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