I mean, looking at it, it seems silly. 

BUT, let me bring you into a little "behind the scenes" here at the stations today.  Yes, there is an electrical outlet above my office door.  My office also has a window.


Why?  Because it also could double as a studio.  If needed be.  But I don't think it ever has been, at least not in the time I've worked here.  I've never worked at the other location, only this building.

This building used to be a kind of fitness center (I don't know exactly if it was a gym, I never went in), Alice's Energy Connection. At least that's what my fuzzy memory recalls.  Then, when the inside was renovated to become an expanded office for the radio station, they set up six possible offices that could also be studios.  We really only use three, but they wanted to be open to possibilities, you see.

So what does the outlet have to do with being a studio?  Have a look here.


That's a little monitor that's connected to our microphones in the studio.  If the microphone is on, a light turns on, so people outside of the studio know firstly not to come in, and secondly not to make a ton of noise there. It's just a light surrounded by the box, but that requires electricity to turn on, see.  So the little outlet is there, in case someone needed to put an on air box up there.

Of course, my office is nowhere near a studio.  Nothing to indicate it could be now without some major renovations, either.  It looks more like a mess of post it notes, unused filing cabinets, and a minor BTS shrine.  But I guess if you needed to, you could put up some sound panels, drag in a board and a microphone, and set up. I mean, it has a window, after all. So you could see in and get my attention if the door is closed (which never happens, actually).  And it even has a phone and a computer so.... maybe in a pinch it could be.

So there you have it, the story of why there is an electrical outlet way above where I can reach above my office door.  Behind the scenes adventure: Complete!

Electrifyingly yours,


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