We have a bit of a schedule when it comes to cooking at home.  But it's not the same thing every night. But the thing is, Husbando cooks for an army.  He never makes just enough for just two people.  It's always so much more than we can possibly eat.  So then there are always, always leftovers.

Leftovers he pretty much refuses to eat at any given time. If given the choice between leftovers and a frozen burrito, he would always choose the latter.  Even if the leftovers is one of his favorites, like cold pizza!

But, the unthinkable happened this week.  Sunday, I decided to try something a little new for dinner.  I found a recipe for an Asian ground beef and rice thing.  Since he loves Asian foods, I figured this could be a win.  And it's pretty simple. It had stuff we just had in the house, so it was a win.

I made some instant rice, and dethawed a chub of ground beef.  The seasoning is pretty simple, here goes:

1 tbs sesame oil (to cook the beef in)

3 cloves garlic (I used some minced stuff we had)

1 tsp ginger (We have some minced in the fridge)

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 tsp Siracha

Then I also chopped up some green onions to put on the top.

And so he chomped down on that, and had seconds.  Then..... the unthinkable.  When it came time for Monday dinner... he ASKED IF WE COULD HAVE THE LEFTOVERS FROM LAST NIGHT.  He actually wanted to eat leftovers.  Leftovers I made. On purpose. I couldn't believe it!

So maybe this is something I should make again.  It was so simple and easy, and not that unhealthy, really.

Do you have any recipes like this I could try? Simple, good stuff that will actually make him WANT leftovers?

Cookingly yours,