I think it was the philosopher Jeff Goldblum who once said, "Life finds a way".  


And yes, it appears to have done so.  I saw this and just had a small chuckle to myself. I have driven by it before, and a couple times I got a little peripheral vision shock.  But no, it's just vine branches that are dried out and grown into faux arms.

But looking at the rest of the street, the other signs don't have anything like this.  Just that one! Maybe it's coincidence.  But coincidence is boring!  Maybe it's something more exciting, like a twist of FATE.  Like the vine had to grow there, had to die there, stretched out like a scarecrow, to warn me to slow down and drive safely (and also, not to park there.  I didn't, I parked across the street).   Maybe  he had to grow there because of a pact made with the witches who keep destroying plans to build a Target in Sedalia.  Maybe it's there because of an elaborate conspiracy set by the man to keep us line. Or maybe it's something even more sinister...  I mean, I'm not saying it was aliens, but... it was the aliens.

I wonder if it's startled anyone at night.  I never drive by there at night (I don't even really leave the house after dark these days anymore).  It's especially a little creepy looking in the rain, it's gotta be a little strange in the fog or snow.  It also reminds me of that silo that has the tree growing out of it outside of town.  I'm sure you've seen that. I think it was even in the National Enquirer once.

Have you seen any funny or strange things growing where they shouldn't be? Did you get a picture?  Show it to me!

Scarecrowingly yours,



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