Did you know that "Instagrammed" is a word? CBS News has published a slideshow documenting the "most Instagrammed" landmarks in all fifty states. In Missouri, the home of the Cardinals gets the most Instagram pics. 

Think of all the cool landmarks in Missouri that Busch Stadium beat to come out on top of this list. Just a few blocks from the stadium is the St. Louis Arch, which probably would have been my guess if you'd asked me what the most Instagrammed landmark is in The Show-Me State. There's also Arrowhead Stadium, which I could imagine being a top contender. Maybe Memorial Stadium/Faurot Field, or the Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City.

In states neighboring Missouri, the most Instagrammed landmarks are: The University of Kansas, Wrigley Field, The University of Arkansas, and Iowa State University. Instagram is apparently pretty popular on university campuses.  I don't know that I would have been able to guess any of those, either, except maybe Wrigley Field.

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