So I saw the story posted by St. Louis TV station KSDK and got suckered in. It was one of those "suggested for you" posts on Facebook. The headline that suckered me in, " there's one phrase you should use every time that's guaranteed to stop that telemarketer from calling you."

So what is that phrase? According to KSDK that phrase is "put me on your do not call list." Erica Elson who spent two years in the telemarketing biz says that was the one phrase that basically meant the company she worked for couldn't call that phone number again.

Without a definite answer to not call a number again, the company she worked for would continue to call. She also says that's a reason to answer the phone and utter that phrase to the person on the other line.

I don't know if I buy that it will work, but I might just try it. Let's face it, ignoring the calls doesn't help. Blocking the number doesn't help. And the days of actually curiously looking the phone number on the internet only sometimes yields some information regarding whether or not it's an unsolicited sales call.

It's not only the phone either. Holy cow the amount of spam I get in my email is ridiculous. At one point, after not checking my personal email for three or four days, I cleared out over 100 spam messages along with some offers from places I may have done business with once. And the work email. The amount of people who think I somehow am the decision maker regarding our phone system, or who somehow think they can help us revolutionize our websites is ridiculous.

At least there's less junk mail sitting in the mailbox these days. At least that can go from the mailbox to the garbage can without having to open an email or answer a call.

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