Everybody loves a movie, and everybody has their favorites.  I have a story though, about a friend of mine who now hates the movies... at least at home.  So apparently his brother brought his girlfriend over to meet the family for the first time last week, and they all hung out at their parents' house. Then they  decided to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy", because most of us hadn't seen it.  She actually HAD seen it, but really wanted to watch it again.  Big mistake.  During the movie, the brother's girlfriend kept singing along with the songs.  She also did that annoying thing after some scenes where people say stuff like, "Wait, it gets WAY better".  None of them could tell her to shut up, because that would be impolite.  But they all wanted to.  Would it have been rude to tell her to be quiet?

What are some of the things people do when you watch movies at home that annoy you?  Is it okay to tell them to stop? Tell me all about it and we'll talk about your answers on the air!

Quietly yours,


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