Lake Superior State University in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan releases a list every year of words that need to be BANNED, based on thousands of nominations from people around the world.

They released their list of words that need to go in 2015 yesterday . . . here are some of their best picks.

1. "Bae" . . . it's either an acronym that means "before anyone else" or just a shorter version of the word "baby." Either way, it was easily number one.

2. "Polar vortex."  Nobody wants to hear that one, I guess 'cos we don't want it to come back!

3. "Hack" . . . specifically how it's overused now, where any tip, advice, or shortcut is referred to as a "hack."

4. "Skill set."   Eugh.  Buzzwords.

5. "Swag."   Some of these slang ones just.... yeah.  Gotta go.

6. "Foodie."

7. "Cray-cray."

8. "Nation" . . . as a suffix referring to sports teams. Like "Cubs nation," "Packers nation" and so on.

I gotta say, though, I agree with a lot of these.   I know there are some words that people I know cringe at - words like "moist".  I hate when I hear things like "synergy", it always makes me roll my eyes.  What about you?  What are the words that annoy you so much you wish you could remove them from the English language?  Tell me all about em and you'll get points for prizes while we talk about it on the air!

Bae-ingly yours,


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