I think the evidence is just mounting.  We need an office cat. 

Anyway, here's the latest little addition to the historic Katy Depot, Izzy!

The Executive Director of the Sedalia Foundation's husband found her on the Katy Trail.

They're not sure if Izzy is going to stay at the Depot permanently, but they all love her!

She loves to nap on keyboards, on people's chairs, you know, cat stuff.

The main thing is that they want to be sure Izzy is happy.  She has lots of toys!

Izzy loves to greet visitors to the Depot.  If you're lucky she might chase a ball for you.

Izzy loves people a lot, so I'm sure some scritches behind the ears would be nice.

Well, if she stays or goes home with someone, I just hope she's happy!  I personally think she should stay, because that just adds fuel to my case that we here at the stations should have an office cat. I mean, it'll improve morale, visitors will enjoy it, and it'll help keep the mouse population in check!  Win - win, people.

Cattingly yours,