We thought it  would be interesting to visit one of the big stories from last year. We had an over abundance of rain across the midwest. It not only affected residents in Missouri but also those living and traveling along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, along with local creeks and rivers.

Although we have received plenty more rain in 2020, we're no where close to what we had in 2019. Here's the story on what was happening last year.

It's something that happens from time to time when you live in or around a major river. The residents of Boonville are no different as flooding is expected from the Missouri River this weekend.

In a story from the Boonville Daily News, the Missouri River reached flood stage Thursday afternoon and is expected to stay that way through the next Sunday, March 24, and at least several days after that.

Streams and rivers have risen in three states-Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri-after heavy rains and melting snow. These streams and rivers, of course, feed the Missouri River. Flooding will be an issure in Boonville but the flooding will be worse in Northwest Missouri.

The biggest contributors to trigger the rise and flooding in the Missouri River are tributaries that feed into the river including the Chariton and Grand Rivers.

The river stage is estimated to crest to 25.7 feet at it's highest level. The record for the highest level was set during the great flood of July, 1993. The river crested at 37.1 feet. The last time it was above 30 feet was in June 2013.

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