The XFL and St. Louis Battlehawks are opening 400-level seating of The Dome at America's Center, and they will be offering a limited number of season tickets located on the 400 level. This is according to an XFL press release.

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Battlehawks Head Coach Anthony Becht says, “A lot of fans have shared their special memories of sitting up there in the past, and we hope to create even more for them going forward.” Additionally, Brecht says this is a step towards the team's goal to #FillTheTop.

Available for both individuals and groups 400-level tickets start at just $18 and are now on sale by the XFL.

The Battlehawks have been an XFL sensation with the team leading the XFL in attendance last season, averaging 35,000 fans a game according to the XFL release.

XFL Senior Vice President of Ticketing Jason Gonella says the team had parts the 400-level open last year for some games, however by opening up the 400-level now, the team hopes to accommodate fans that want to sit in the 400-level for every home game.

Last year the Battlehawks went 7-3 and was one of the better-performing XFL teams, even though they finished third in the XFL North Division. A 7-3 record, while not enough to win the North Division, would have been enough to tie with Arlington to win the South Division.

Battlehawks season tickets are now on sale here, however, the league's 2024 schedule has not been released. Last year the XFL played a 10-game season which ran from mid-February through the middle of April.

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