I used to live in the apartment building that was formerly the Mark Twain Elementary School. Before, you know, it was engulfed in fire. 

And I still live in the same general neighborhood.  I end up driving past it several times a week.  Over the years, I've gotten so I've forgotten about most of the bad part. Well, not forgotten, but I can think about it without getting upset.  And I can genuinely say I don't think about it every day anymore. It's just become... a lot.  Yeah, it's too bad I had to loose my family's pictures and keepsakes, and it's too bad I had to loose my pets, but.. I guess you could say I've moved on. Will I ever forget the smell of the building burning down?  Will I ever forget sitting on my sister's couch in shock, trying to swallow water that just didn't seem to want to go? Will I ever forget the outpouring of concern and support in the weeks and months afterwards?  No. But, at some point you have to move on. Life has to move on, it just has to.  And eventually, so will the place itself. But for years, it just sat there. I wondered if anything would ever happen.   So imagine my surprise this week when I saw some interesting developments.


It's been kind of going back to nature for years, just grass and dandelions, but now there looks like something's going in.


What, I don't know.  They didn't exactly call me up and ask my permission. And it's not like I'm somebody who would know anything about anything. I'm somebody who knows about Mario Kart, Kim Seokjin, and Civil War documentaries.  I'm not exactly the type of person you'd ask for planning a major project.


Husbando says he thinks it's probably going to be turned into some kind of storage facility.  That seems sensible.  I don't think I've seen those blue...pipes (is that what they are or are they some kind of structural...thing) before.


Have you seen the developments?  I gotta admit, I kinda live under a rock.  When I'm done with the day, I just wanna come home and chill with the cats and Husbando. Does that make me antisocial? Maybe. I'm not up in everyone's business, so to speak. I mean, people think that I know stuff because of my job, I really kinda don't.  If something happens that's important, they tell the news department, not the idiot that wilds out to Bobby Brown at 4:32 in the morning.

I wonder what's going in there.  I hope it's something that can helpful to somebody.

Curiously yours,


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