You know how it is, you know your immediate family, but you might not know the extended cousins and great grandparents or the brother in laws out there. I know a lot about my mother's side of the family, but I didn't know a heck of a lot about my father's until recently.  Some of the family have been getting old photos together and putting them in a group we're in on Facebook.  It's pretty fascinating to see the faces of people who had a major role in how I was raised, even though I never met them.

I think I can start with Ben and Stella Cramer, who are my great great grandparents.

Missing half a tie? Maybe.  They had ten children, one of which is my great grandfather, Lester.  That's him in the middle. There are only nine here because one died from polio at the age of six.

My great grandfather had a bicycle shop for years.  And apparently he had hella attitude as well, judging from the sass in this picture.

They had my grandfather, Lester Jr, who had four kids of his own.

They married young and were pretty cute!

Second kid was none other than my dad! I can really see my grandma in his eyes in this photo.  He almost looks like he's about to smack somebody in this photo.

You know, looking at some of these photos, I might be able to see where my silliness comes from.  MIGHT.

Not that I ever made silly faces as a kid or anything.

It's kind of fascinating to look through these and wonder what life was like back then.  But then, you can also see how some things stay the same.  Do you have any old photos of your family? Do you ever look through them and think back?

Photographically yours,