The Smith Cotton Tigers traveled down south Friday night to take on the Nevada Tigers.

Neither team scored by the end of the first quarter.

By the second quarter, Nevada had scored seven points, while Smith Cotton remained without a score on the board.

Late in the third quarter, the game was suspended due to severe weather. Nevada was ahead at the time with a 13 - 0 lead over Smith Cotton. The game resumed after a 1 hour, 40 minute severe weather delay with 3 min, 20 sec left. The Smith Cotton Tigers rallied and managed to score 8 points to end the third quarter, Nevada 13 ; Smith Cotton 8.

The fourth quarter saw Smith Cotton score again and they took the lead, 16-13. The Smith Cotton Tigers held out and won the game against the Nevada Tigers. The final score was 16-13! Congratulations to The Smith Cotton Tigers on remaining undefeated on the season. The Tigers will return home for the next three weeks.

What a comeback for the Smith Cotton Tigers!

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