Sedalia's Blake Grupe was named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week based on his performance against the New England Patriots in week 5 of the NFL Season according to an article on the New Orleans Saints website.

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Grupe contributed 10 points in the New Orleans Saints 34-0 blanking of the New England Patriots. Grupe also hit both of his field goal attempts. His first was a careerlong 54 yards, and his second was from 53 yards out. He also made all of his extra-point attempts.

Saints Coach Dennis Allen told reporters after the game that he has extremely high confidence in his rookie kicker, and that he has no reservations about having him attempt long field goals.

The Smith-Cotton alumnus came to the attention of many people locally when he stole a pre-season victory from the Chiefs by kicking the game-winning field goal for the Saints.

Grupe's local connection wasn't lost on Chiefs broadcaster Mitch Holthus who made sure to announce the Chiefs were beaten by a Sedalia native, before acknowledging that Chiefs fans in Sedalia were probably feeling conflicted by the situation.

Grupe has made 13 of 16 field goal attempts this season and ran into a little bit of trouble when the Saints lost to the Texans 13-20 in week six. Grupe missed two of four field goal attempts during this game. This is according to stats on the Saints website.

As for extra points, Grupe is perfect for the season making all ten of his attempts.

Grupie and the Saints head to Jacksonville for an Amazon Prime game on Thursday night. One which I'm sure will be watched by many in Sedalia.

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