Liquid chocolate is the equivalent to liquid gold as far as I'm concerned. I'm the kid who might have drank the dregs of the Hershey's Syrup we'd put on our ice cream. Yaknow right out of the can. I'm still the guy who sees a chocolate waterfall and thinks wouldn't it be great to just put a glass underneath and drink it. I mean why waste that good liquid chocolate by putting it on fruit? So when I heard that slow cooker Hot Chocolate was a thing I had to learn more about it.

The first recipe I ran into was from This recipe is way more than Nestle Quick and milk heated on the stove top. Or some packet of Swiss Miss and hot water. It includes: semi sweet chocolate chips, heavy cream, cocoa powder and vanilla extract. Delish says the milk won't curdle because it's being cooked on low, and with all the other ingredients. And they don't recommend skipping the heavy cream or semi sweet chocolate chips because it  adds flavor, texture and body to the drink. And if you're going through the effort it should be way better than Swiss Miss. You can find the recipe here. has their own recipe that's very similar to the recipe. However, they suggest using condensed milk, a little more heavy cream, and milk chocolate chips. You can get their recipe here.'s recipe suggests using finely chopped semi sweet chocolate and milk chocolate, not chocolate chips. They also use sugar in their recipe. Additionally the article suggests ways you can dress up your hot chocolate to make it even more decadent by adding ingredients to make Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Mexican Hot Chocolate and Caramel Hot Chocolate. Their recipe is available here.

The truth is the basics of each recipe are the same, just some small tweaks in each one. And they all seem like they'd be fairly easy to make. If you try it, let me know what you think.

If you need some of the basic ingredients for these recipes, you can find them here. Not all ingredients are available online, and not all recipes will call for all ingredients. As Amazon Associates, we earn on qualifying purchases.



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