The City of Sedalia is looking to the future with Sedalia 2040. Sedalia 2040 is a comprehensive plan that establishes a long term vision for the City. And the City wants those who live and or work in town to help shape the vision.

Sedalia 2040 will not only establish a long term vision for the City, but will also be the road map the City follows to get there. Sedalia's 2040 plan will also include:

  • Current and future land uses.
  • Sedalia's residential and commercial areas.
  • Sedalia's existing architectural standards.
  • Sedalia's parks and other environmental factors.
  • And needed capital improvements.

So how can you contribute to the future of Sedalia? You can attend a community Visioning Workshop. According to the Sedalia 2040 website, a Visioning Workshop is "a key component in developing the a framework for the Comprehensive Plan, and everyone is encouraged to attend! The meeting will guide discussions about future growth, identity, and the character of Sedalia, as well as projects and improvements that could be undertaken to achieve that vision. There is one scheduled for this Thursday September 24 from 5:30PM -7:30PM CDT. You can learn more about this and register to attend here.

Additionally there is a mapping tool you can use to share your opinions on things in the City. For example, if you think the intersection on South Limit by the Best Western is a mess and needs to be re-done. You can put a pin in the map there and share your opinion. It's a pretty good tool that will help planners identify what's important for the City to maintain, and what might be part of future change. You can access this here.

One thing I've learned after working in Sedalia the past seventeen months is, everyone's got opinions, ideas, and thoughts about what can make our City better. Now's the time to make your voice heard and influence the next twenty years. You can learn more about Sedalia 2020 here.


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