Having pets does mean there is some wear and tear on your house, admittedly.Comes with the territory.  And you can't watch them all day and all night.  So sometimes they're just going to entertain themselves, and that might mean they turn to their destructive side.

Now don't get me wrong, we've tried a bunch of stuff.  We keep their nails trimmed.  We've tried those kitty cap things.  We've tried scratching posts.  We've got about a bajillion toys they can play with, and even some random sock toys and shoelaces they're allowed to play with. But do they play with their toys? Of course not. That would be ridiculous.

Cat Destruction Evidence

I can't find the picture, but they did tear up one of our window screens once.  It was a pretty big hole, probably three inches.  We replaced it, but it still irked me.

What kind of stuff do you keep for your pet around the house? Do they tear up stuff at your place, too?  What have they wrecked that you had to replace?

Cattingly yours,

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