One of the most underrated things in life is comfort food. I think I can prove that with science. If that's a philosophy you also embrace, I found a place voted the best comfort food you'll find in Missouri.

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Even though eateries is very much a subjective opinion, I think this internet survey got the answer right in this case. Love Food just issued their updated "Best Restaurants Serving Comfort Food" list and the choice for Missouri is a popular one among many. They say it's Lambert's Café in Ozark and Sikeston, Missouri.

While they're known for being the originator of the concept of throwed rolls, they are much more than that. Have you ever seen their cinnamon rolls? Come to daddy...


Rolls by themselves could be a food group at this place. Tell me you haven't been "comforted" by a roll and I'll bet you've never had one thrown at you. Like I said, science.

Here are some staggering numbers shared by Lambert's. They have skinned 68,000 potatoes and served 33 tons of French fries. As of today, they claim they have served 368,940 eggs. Impressive. That's a lot of tired hens, too.

If you look at Food Network's list of comfort foods (highly recommended), you'll see just about every item served at Lambert's Café in Missouri. While there are certainly a lot of excellent Missouri places for this type of cuisine, saying they're the best likely won't lead to many arguments. They walk the comfort food talk.

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