I present to you a mystery that perhaps will never be solved. Riddle me this, Batman. How can St. Louis possibly be named a best place for naked bike riding? This just in. It has and I can prove it with science. Might want to cover your eyes.

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This is not my conclusion, by the way. Blame this one on Lawnstarter who just proclaimed St. Louis, Missouri (yes, that St. Louis) as one of the top 15 places to ride your bike like the day you were born. No, I'm not making this up. Look at their map for yourself.

So how in tarnation can St. Louis, Missouri be a great place to ride your bike naked?

St. Louis apparently searches Google for "naked bike riding" a lot.

Infographic, Lawnstarter
Infographic, Lawnstarter

There's also a video showing last year's naked bike ride through St. Louis, but don't you dare hit the play button unless you REALLY love seeing human flesh of the Missouri variety. You have been warned. Don't do it. Actually, you'll have to go to YouTube to do it since it's age-restricted.

Get this, Chicago also made the top 10 and now I'm truly frightened. Please don't misunderstand. I'm not a prude and believe the human body is a wonderful God-given creation. I just don't think that my mind can stand the thought of the type of injuries that are possible when you ride your bike without...anything. But, if that's something you enjoy, then go for it.

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