You guys.  I think I might be in trouble. You know I love a food truck. A few times I've written about food trucks in the area, and you guys always seem to like to hear about new ones.  Well, a big event is coming up that's going to be on the regular at the Fairgrounds.  It's an event ran by Luke and Brad Kindle and it's called Street Food Throwdown. I know, sounds amazing already, right?  Well basically what it is, is every other week there's going to be a collection of different food trucks that will all be in the same area at the same time, and you can go out there and pick what you like.

Cos that's kind of the benefit/problem with food trucks, right? Like, you might want a certain food truck, but today they're in Columbia or something.  But it's also super convenient, because then the next day they might be coming to you.  So to have them all come to certain place at a certain time so you can make your dinner decision there works out pretty well.

It's going to have eight different trucks this first time, and the idea is to have different ones each time.  It's going to be on the Fairgrounds, you'll take the handicap parking lot entrance on 16th Street.

So eight different trucks. Not all of them have social media pages, but I found a few that do, and by god, I'm in trouble.  I'm going to be spending money.

COME ON.  That's The Big Cheez.  They travel around but are mostly based in Columbia.  They do basically grilled cheese everything.  They even do a nutella marshmallow grilled dessert that just sounds amazing.

That's from Stumpy's Spuds. I believe they're out of St Peters, might be wrong.  But dang if I don't want all of those potatoes.

That's the shrimp po boy from Zydeco's Cajun Kitchen.  That might be the truck Husbando gravitates to.

Or, WAIT.  Wrap It Up, if that's a philly cheesesteak, Husbando might have to double up.

Talagio's Pizzeria.  They're with Table of Five, I'm sure you've seen them out at events over the years.  Just that smell will have me come runnin.  GET IN MA BELLY.

And of course, the lemonade stand.  You've seen Fresh Lemonade Co around a few times. I know the times I drove by, they looked busy!

AND there's gonna be two more other than those! Pop and Crackle Kettle Corn and Kindle's Fair Foods.  It'll be a regular thing that'll happen on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month starting in April.

Now I'm kinda annoyed I have to wait for it. April 14th, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Mark the calendar!  It's free to get in, but, you know, you gotta pay for the food.  That's a given. I don't know if they'll do samples but I bet not. Either way, you guys... let's just say I'm glad I got my tax return.

Foodily yours,