This time last week, I had to deal with one of the hardest thing that any pet owner has to deal with.  My companion of almost 12 years, Apollo, crossed to the Rainbow Bridge.  I knew his time was coming, and last Tuesday morning I had scheduled an appointment to have him put down.  God decided that he would save me the trouble and took him overnight so he could pass in his home.

attachment-Apollo 1

The picture above was the last picture I took of him.  This is a pose you will see often.  Those of you who own pets, will know that they find "Their Spot".  A place that they are comfortable, relaxed, and spend a fair amount of their time.

attachment-Apollo 2

Apollo came to me as a re-home from a friend of mine, who could no longer handle 2 cats.  I wanted a second cat to go with my cat Rocky, who was used to being around multiple cats.  I wasn't home as often as I had hoped, so I thought the two of them could entertain one another.  They got along fine. I got Apollo right before my radio career began.

attachment-Apollo 3

When I began my career in Montana, Apollo was with me, as was my other cat Rocky.  I was 16 hours away from home, and my landlord normally would not allow pets.  She made an exception for me.  Pets are a lifetime commitment as we all know, and being so far from home, literally knowing nobody, I needed someone to come home too.

attachment-Apollo 4

He was playful, and he talked.  Often.  He would great me when I came home from work, and like most cats, made sure to get what he wanted.  Feed him first, then he would share his affection.

attachment-Apollo 5

He was a reasonably social pet, when company came over, but more times than not, he stayed near me.  After all, I was his human.  He always slept with me.  If you have a cat, this is normal.  Cats are the most vulnerable when they sleep, so they often like to be near their humans for warmth, and security.  And if you tend not to move a lot when you sleep, they will find a secure spot and keep you company all night.

attachment-Apollo 7

This is the first time in probably close to 20 years, I have been without a pet in my home.  Even when I moved, my pets were still living in another location, and were eventually returned to me.  I have been struggling this past week as my place is a lot quieter than normal.

attachment-Apollo The Tabby

I would love recommendations on how you grieve after losing a pet.  Some people had their pets cremated, and/or buried in their yard.  Sadly, this was not an option for me.  I know he is in a better place, and I gave him a full life,  and I know I will probably get another one, but I need to be in a place when I have the time to devote to one.  Is keeping busy the way to go? How long did it take you to get over the loss of a member of the family.  Any advice would be welcomed.  And thank you Apollo for 12 years of companionship.

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