I am sure that many of you are pet owners.  You may have dogs, or cats, birds, hamsters, whatever.  If you are a dog or cat owner, do you talk to your pets? I have had so many in my life (mostly cats) and I often have found myself talking to them.  I mean, if they talk to you, aren't you supposed to talk back to them too?

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I ask this question because recently my cat Apollo has been a bit more of a talker.  If you are a cat owner then you know they often will meow to get your attention.  This is normal.  And the tone of the meow can signify many things.  Usually hunger (they never seem to get enough food) or simply a greeting when you come home from work. Either way, you can only ignore them for so long if they are speaking to you.  For Apollo's part, he has got various tones and lengths of meows that indicate things like anger, annoyance, hunger and the simple "You are in my spot" meow.  They run our lives don't they?

I have never had a dog who was able to talk, but don't tell me that they do not understand when they speak to you.  Different breeds are smarter than others but with a little obedience training, they are able to learn various commands and speak back to you to indicate what they may need. Maybe not be able to talk like the husky above, but you get the idea.

It is perfectly normal to talk to our pets, as they understand more than you think.  You can click HERE for a nice article from PetMD.  But perhaps talk to them like humans, and not in funny voices.  It may seem silly, but we spoil our pets, so why not talk to them and see how they talk back to you.

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