The Show-Me Bike Show, sponsored by the Sedalia Motorcycle Association (SMA), was held at the Ag Building on the Missouri State Fairgrounds last Saturday.

SMA spokesman Rick Yeager said he has been in charge of the bike show for over 12 years.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

“It's quite a show, it's a non-profit group here in town that promotes the sport of motorcycling. We have over 70 bikes entered,” Yeager said, adding that he had motorcycle enthusiasts from Illinois and Kansas as well as Missouri attending the event.

“We have a house full of vendors, we sold completely out of vendors space this year,” he said. It's just an awesome, hometown friendly show. It's a good thing in early February when you get out and ride much.”

Yeager added that “the weather hit us just right, and we're very blessed to have a large crowd of motorcycles,” he said.

Musical entertainment for the bike show was provided by guitarist/singer/songwriter Clay Clear and also by Hundred Proof Band.

Results from the SMA bike show are listed below:

2018 Sedalia Motorcycle Association’s Show Me Bike Show Results

Best of Show – Jan Knobbe, Troy, MO

Class 1 – Sportster – 1st Kaleb Zink, Otterville, MO; 2nd Sheldon Harvey, LaMonte, MO

Class 2 – Harley Rubber Mount Stock – 1st Mason Goff, Sedalia, MO

Class 3 – Harley Softtail Stock – 1st Shawna Walker, Harrisonville, MO; 2nd Dennis Lewis, Sedalia, MO; Cameron Scott, Sedalia, MO

Class 4 – Harley Cruiser Mild Custom – 1st Steve Randall, Hughesville, MO; 2nd Brian Hudson, Windsor, MO; 3rd Dave Kirwan, Gladstone, MO; 4th Larry Parker, St. Robert, MO; 5th Otto Gomez, St. Robert, MO

Class 5 – Sport Dresser Stock – 1st Bob Hartline, Belleville, IL; 2nd Anthony Eppy, Jefferson City, MO; 3rd Dustin Tracy, Warrensburg, MO

Class 6 – Sport Dresser Mild Custom – 1st Mark Harvey, Lake St. Louis, MO; 2nd Jan Knobbe, Troy, MO

Class 7 – Dresser Stock All Brands – 1st Dave Kehoe, Sedalia, MO

Class 9 – Custom Vintage – 1st Larry Brooks, Smithton, MO; 2nd Brett Pelezo, St. Robert, MO

Class 10 – Metric & European – 1st Wasteland Kustom Cycles, Waynesville, MO; 2nd John Montes, Sedalia, MO; 3rd Richard Wilhins, Sedalia, MO

Class 11 – Sport Bike/V-Rod – 1st Shane Apel, Sedalia, MO

Class 12 – Lady Class – 1st Misty Kirwan, Gladstone, MO; 2nd Lisa Nelson, Rolla, MO

Class 13 – Trike/Side Card – 1st Lonnie Blun, Holden, MO; 2nd Don Wood, Sedalia, MO

Class 14 – Vintage 1990-1985/V-Twin – 1st Herman Fortman, Pilot Grove, MO; 2nd Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia, MO

Class 15 – Vintage 1990-1990 – 1st Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Ernie Walker, Sedalia, MO; 3rd Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia, MO

Class 16 – Production Custom Harley CVO – 1st Sean Roberds, Independence, MO; 2nd Willie Marquess, Marshall, MO; 3rd Steve Vandelicht, Fulton, MO

Class 17 – Special Construction – 1st Wes Dunkin, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Stacy Whitfield, New Bloomfield, MO, MO; 3rd Brandon Cole, Rolla, MO; 4th Zachary Monath, Sedalia, MO; 5th Lee Mullinix, Holt, MO

Class 18 – Off Road/Racer – 1st Larry Brooks, Smithton, MO; 2nd Kaleb Zink, Sedalia, MO

Class 19 – Rat Class – 1st Mike Green, Sedalia, MO

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