I don't know about you, but I spent at least an hour yesterday digging my car out of what seems like seven feet of snow. I'm not a person who loves the heat, but I don't like extreme cold, either.  So I'm kind of envious of the people of Hawaii right now.  I doubt they ever get any kind of snow.  I bet they get down to maybe... 40 degrees on a bad winter day.  Don't think I'm an expert on the subject? Well, I HAVE seen several episodes of Hawaii 5-0, and I'm sure that James Caan's guido son wouldn't lie to me. So clearly I need to be in the tropics.

The problem is, of course, I'm stuck here in the frozen tundra of Missouri.  So what can you do if you need a little break from snow and ice?!

Attend the Tropical Trivia Night, of course!   The Sedalia Kiwanis club is hosting another great trivia night Saturday, January 19.  It'll start at 7:00 p.m. at County Distributing, which is at 1800 Eagle View drive.  You can bring some drinks with you, as long as they're Anheuser Busch.  But there's a lot of options there.  We'll also have some snacks and refreshments for you.

If you want, wear your Hawaiian shirt! We'll get all festive!

Oh, here's another cool thing:  you can buy mulligans!  So if you're not sure about an answer, just take a mulligan and get the point.  The cost is only ten bucks a person, and you can have a team up to eight people I believe.  All the proceeds are going to the Kiwanis Scholarship Program, which is totally awesome.  If you have any questions, you can always call Bob at 660-473-1270.

Get ready to get le'id! Is that how you say that?  I hope so.

Tropically yours,

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