December's Unsung Hero is someone you probably know or have seen around town. 

Gary Beckman was nominated for our last Unsung Hero.  Gary is the Executive Director of the Boys and Girl's Club of West Central Missouri. So right there, I'm sure a lot of local parents know or have seen Gary around.  Gary has a lot of involvement not just with the Club, but with other charities that help children.  Gary was nominated by his wife, Joceyln Beckman. Here's what she had to say:

Gary goes above and beyond to help children and their families of the community with his involvement in Kiwanis and Rotary. He is the Sedalia Kiwanis president and Lt. Governor, and is active in Rotary. He is always looking for ways to better the lives of our youth in the area and works endlessly in doing so.

And of course, Gary instantly turned his nomination around saying that his wife is the reason he's had any successes, and she's always trying to shine the spotlight back on him. Here's his talk with Randy about what he does for our kids in Pettis County.

Of course, full disclosure I'm a member of the Sedalia Kiwanis, and Gary has done a great job as President here in the local chapter and Lt. Governor with the region.   If there's an opportunity to help and encourage kids,  Gary wants to jump on that to make sure the kids are able to do and be their best.

Thanks a lot to Central Bank of Sedalia for sponsoring our Unsung Hero!

Heroically yours,

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