I think we could all use a story like this one. Saturday night, a little girl named Ahlera was visiting her Grandma with her little brother August.  They brought along her pet pig, Bean.  He's a Vietnamese Potbelly, about six months old. She's had him about four months, and the whole family loves him to bits!

Jax Delinger

Well, apparently Mr Bean was being a little naughty, so he got put in time out.  Not being contented to his sentence, he busted out of the back gate and went on an adventure!  The family immediately went out and searched for him, but as you probably know, pigs are very smart.  When they don't want to do something, they don't do it. So he was off and running...away from home.

That's when Sedalia Police Officer Casey DeVorss found him.

Casey DeVoss

Officer DeVorss heard the call over the scanner, and being a farm guy himself, decided to save the Animal Control Officer a trip.  He drove over to where the caller reported seeing Bean.  Bean was apparently ready to go home now, because he came up running to Officer DeVorss just like a puppy, jumping up and greeting him.  With the help of the caller, they got Bean in the back seat.  He's looking  a little guilty, I think.

Bean and Officer DeVorss had quite the conversation on the way to the shelter.  Bean was probably trying to buy some time before he had to go to the big house.  Officer DeVorss decided to post a photo of his new buddy to social media to try to find Bean's owner, and it worked. He said, "13 years policing, not too many firsts left for me. Check this one off the list."

Hailley Dawson

And now, the naughty boy has probably learned his lesson. His owner thinks he probably had a good time in the Shelter, since he loves dogs.  I'm sure the family is happy to have him back.

Jax Delinger

Don't go chasin' waterfalls, big guy.

Jax Delinger

Beanly yours,