For most the receiving of gifts for Christmas has come and gone. There may still be a few get-togethers for some friends and families but for most it's another Christmas in the books. Now comes the question-how many gifts will you be returning this year?

It inevitably happens each and every year, you receive a gift or two (maybe more!) that are either the wrong size, color or style. It may even be a gift that you absolutely can't stand or don't need but it's definitely going back to the retailer where it came from!

Of course the numbers aren't out yet on how many dollars worth of merchandise will be returned this year but if the last year is any indication, it's a very large in the billions.

It may have come from online retailers like Walmart, Amazon, JC Penney, Lowe's or Kohl's, or from one of the local shops in the area but when it's returned the dollar amounts start adding up.

According to report from the Motley Fool, in 2019:

Most Americans (77%) said they expect to return at least some of the gifts they received during the holiday season, according to data from B-Stock Sourcing, an online liquidation marketplace.

In fact according to the report from the Motley Fool, last year it was roughly $90 Billion worth of merchandise that was returned. That number keeps going up year after year. So could we see the dollar amount of returned gifts for 2020 to exceed $100 billion?

So if you're returning gifts this year, you're in in good company.

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