Country music fans in Darien Lake, N.Y. don’t have a very good track record for behaving appropriately at concerts — especially those who attend Rascal Flatts shows. On Saturday night (June 30), 59 fans were charged with underage possession of alcohol and intent to consume during the Flatts concert at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center.

Ironically, when the popular trio came through town just last year, one of their fans was arrested for slashing another concert attendee in the face. Surely, the award-winning country stars were hoping for a low-key set back at the venue this year, but they weren’t so lucky.

In addition to underage drinking violations, three other fans were also stopped by police. Two fans were nailed for trespassing (according to a local news source, both re-entered the concert after being kicked out of the venue), while one was charged with possession of marijuana. Who knew that Rascal Flatts fans could be so out of control?

Although, the ‘Banjo’ hitmakers’ music probably isn’t to blame for the wild fans. Sometimes, when you mix great music, enthusiastic country fans and a little booze, things can get a little out of hand.

And it’s not just Rascal Flatts. Country concerts at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center seem to have a history of attracting troublesome fans. Last June, more than 50 Brad Paisley fans were arrested during the ‘Camoflauge’ singer’s performance.

Toby Keith and Brantley Gilbert will be the next country atcs to take the stage at the Darien Lake Performance Arts Center on July 29. Here’s to hoping that country music fans are on their best behavior that night!