Kansas City Chiefs fans booed a message of unity last night as the entire country tuned in to watch the game between the Houston Texans and the Chiefs. It was, as the NFL Tweeted, "A moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country." Yet fans in the stands couldn't just shut up for that moment of silence. Unfortunately, I wasn't at all surprised by that.


I'm not surprised by that because of a guy that called in one day to complain about a news story on KSIS 1050 Sedalia's News Leader. At some point in response to something the gentleman on the phone said I responded, "Sir, I believe all human life has value." To which he responded, "That's not how I see it."  Really, all human life doesn't have value?

I'm not surprised by that because back in college a guy from Boonville lived across the hall from me. Aside from the epic end of finals party he threw in his dorm room, the conversation we had that stood out the most to me was one where we were discussing racism. He said Boonville, Columbia and Mizzou had a race problem. That conversation has stuck in my head for years.

I'm not surprised by that because for whatever reason there seem to be a subset of people, mostly white males, who have a problem with athletes speaking out for social justice or issues like racism or police brutality. Especially if infringes on the sporting event their watching, or somehow is an affront to our flag or our Country.

Some Chiefs fans booed unity. Some Chiefs fans booed equality. Some Chiefs fans booed standing with those whose American experience is very different because of the color of their skin. The sad part, these aren't just Chiefs fans. They're our neighbors, coworkers, and perhaps our friends. And they couldn't even respect unity and equality.

I'm not sure if that makes me more sad or more angry.

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