A 3-ounce portion of tenderloin is an excellent source of protein, thiamin, vitamin B6, phosphorous and niacin as well as a good source of potassium, riboflavin and zinc.

Lean pork is every bit as good for your body as lean beef and chicken. In one study, substituting lean pork for beef and chicken led to less body fat and better heart health. So obviously, you're thinking, "Hey, maybe I should get some of them vitamins and nutrients into MY diet. Now if only someone would do the hard work for me...."


The Sedalia Moose Lodge is hosting a big Tenderloin Dinner coming up on Sunday, September 10th. The meal will consist of tenderloin, potatoes with gravy, green beans, dinner roll, dessert and a drink. And it's only ten bucks! Plus, they're going to have some entertainment. Namely, they're going to have a concert from Abundance Quartet. Have you not heard of them? Oh, you must not have been to Branson lately, because they are the bomb.

Well, okay, they're not going to shred hardcore metal, but come on, who wants to mosh after they've just eaten a good meal? Plus, you don't want to chance someone stepping on some of the stuff you might win - they're going to have a silent auction and a ton of giveaways. Some of them include a gift basket, dance tickets, a purse, and a loaded grocery cart!

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You might have noticed that last one is a bit...specific. It's thematically relevant. See, the point of the event is, of course, to get you fed. But it's also to help feed the less fortunate in our area. The Basket of Blessings Food Pantry in Otterville will be the recipient of this fundraiser. So really, you're feeding your neighbors, enjoying some music, winning some cool prizes, and you're eating a tasty dinner. And, no clean up!

So why not check it out, at the Moose Lodge, which is of course, at 119 Winchester Drive in Sedalia. The dinner is from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., and the concert starts at 7:00. If you need more info, like maybe you just have a quick question about a food allergy or maybe you want to bring something to donate, or whatever - just call Lisa at 660-619-2045.

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