On St. Patrick's Day, it is a day where many of us go out to have a few cocktails and celebrate.  Perhaps we will be drinking Irish whiskey like Jameson's, or Bushmills. An Irish Coffee can totally hit the spot.  Green beer from a tap, well that is just heaven.  And bring on the Guinness! The colder, the better.

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In Missouri, those celebrations are more likely to include alcohol than almost every other state in the country.

A new analysis from online gambling site time2play found that adults in Missouri consume an average of 4.07 alcoholic beverages on St. Patrick’s Day. That is the fourth highest average in the country, followed behind only Mississippi, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.  Mississippi is at 4.16, Minnesota is at 4.19, and Pennsylvania is at 4.26.  My goodness!

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In case you were curious, beer seems to be the beverage of choice to enjoy on this holiday.  With Busch Brewery being located in St Louis, this should not be a surprise.  75% of us plan to have at least one drink of that today.  Guilty as charged. 40% are more interested in a mixed drink.  Does an Irish Car Bomb fall into this category? Just asking.

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Missourians do not pay the most for their beverages however. That title goes to people in New Jersey who spend nearly $58 on drinks during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  I certainly hope that all of you will drink responsibly if you plan to partake in celebrating today.  Make sure you balance out your drinking with a glass of water, and get some food too.  I think corned beef and cabbage sounds great.

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