I would be willing to bet that ranch dressing could be the most popular dressing that people consume.  Maybe Italian is close, but there is something about ranch dressing that makes it so good.  You can dip your vegetables in it.  It tastes great with buffalo wings.  Pizza lovers, don't tell me you haven't dipped your pizza in them.  We know you have.  Now Hidden Valley Ranch is making your Christmas even better.

They are calling it 'Ranch on a Branch'.  Hidden Valley Ranch introduced a new collectible based on a brand new character invented for the Christmas holiday.  It may or may not replace 'Elf On A Shelf' but if you are looking to have a unique ornament on your tree or around your home, they think this will be a winner.

The limited-edition collectible comes in a boxed set that includes a stuffed plushie Hidden Valley Ranch character it's named Ranchie, as well as an artfully illustrated storybook depicting the character’s dream: to become a real bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch. Check out the Facebook post above.

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In a press release from Hidden Valley Ranch, “Sparked by the magic of the holidays, Ranch on a Branch was created to remind everyone to spread joy throughout the season.”  So in the story, Ranchie achieves this through simple acts of kindness, like playing frisbee with their dog and helping someone in need.

Fans of Ranchie (or ranch dressing in general) can purchase a Ranch on a Branch set for $30 while supplies last by visiting the Ranch Shop on Hidden Valley’s website. The collectible set comes with Ranchie, the book, a matching themed lounge set and a blanket for fans to snuggle under as you read this new holiday tradition.

So who wants one? Get more info HERE.  In addition, Hidden Valley is donating $30,000 to Feeding America to provide 300,000 meals to people facing hunger in honor of the collectible. Cool.  Now I want one even more.

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