It seems like only yesterday that the LoCash Cowboys came rolling into town for the first time.  They didn't have much back then, an old van and a dream.  I remember seeing the lineup for the Bud Tent for the Missouri State Fair and thinking, "What the heck is a LoCash Cowboy?"

Well, it didn't take long to find out they were high energy, fun loving and great entertainers.  More than that, they were good people, I like them!  We became close friends and over the years, I've been on the road with them, been on stages with them in far away lands and despite their current success, including their first gold record for Truck Yeah for Tim McGraw) and first #1 song they wrote for Keith Urban, we still are friends.  I can pick up a phone and call them and just say hey or I need a favor and they are there.

So when they called me and said, "We want to come back to Sedalia to do something special," that started the ball in motion.  They will be here Dec. 15.  Here's the interview I did with Preston to announce the show.