I think even the most prudent skeptic would admit that there's something strange going on in the woods of Missouri. There's new audio to prove that point. A man shared audio of a bloodcurdling howl he heard recently in the remote part of southeastern Missouri.

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This YouTube short which says it was captured in southeast Missouri asks the question about the audio you'll hear saying:

bigfoot witch or dogman what is this? #bigfoot

Make sure your audio is turned up for this one. I'll share my theory shortly, but listen for yourself first.

The scream is distant, but it sounds like more of a mountain lion scream to me instead of something paranormal.

One reason why I believe this man is sharing legitimate audio from southeastern Missouri is you can hear other animals reacting to whatever it was. I know that wolves have occasionally been spotted in southern Missouri, but their howl is so distinctive I don't think that's really a possibility.

I also don't believe what he heard was a bear unless it was very close. You'll rarely hear a bear roar until it's too late.

What did this man hear in the southeastern Missouri woods? There's no way to know for sure, but anyone with a lot of experience in the backcountry might recognize it. Curious minds in the Show Me State want to know for sure.

It's hard to argue that something odd isn't happening in the wilds of Missouri. The truth is out there somewhere.

UPDATE: Had a listener named Hank reach out to me and added this note:

I was able to compare that and it is definitely 100% wolf that's howling in the background

Thanks to Hank for reaching out. Could it be that there really are wolves back in southeastern Missouri?

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