I have been a music lover all of my life.  Many genres.  I worked in a music store when I was 16, and through the years, over 8 years of my life were spent in a music store as an employee.  When I was 16, CD's were just beginning to become the main way to listen to music.  Albums were slowly going away and audio cassettes were pretty popular, and more vehicles were coming with them.  And my goodness, how many of us would make a mixtape with our dual cassette decks?


I bring this up, because when I went home for the holidays, I came across a wooden case of my old cassettes.  I grant you, that this would not be a normal list of classic albums, but a few of them you would recognize and a few movie soundtracks that are not available on CD to my knowledge.  I know I should probably just donate them to Goodwill or Salvation Army.  But for some reason I haven't wanted to part with them just yet.

There is an old saying - Everything old will become new again. So why can't cassettes become popular again?  I am sure there are some cars out there that still have cassette decks in them?  Perhaps a stereo system that has multiple options for playing music including cassettes, CD's and vinyl?

attachment-cassette to mp3

I have been seeing these items available for sale.  This could be a cool item that perhaps I can pick up.  This way I can save the music and give my another way to hear it.  I know there are a few places in Sedalia including Jammin' Nuggets Music and Josey Records that will buy them from me.  Or at least I could donate to them and perhaps they can get something from them.   Perhaps I am just feeling nostalgic, but how many of us also remember using a pencil to get the tape back in the cassette? As an 80's and 90's child, cassettes were still popular enough where we got to make a mixtape of our favorite songs, some we would record right from the radio and perhaps give them to a friend or significant other.  Let's bring back audio cassettes!  And 8-Tracks!

However you listen to music, just enjoy it.  I still enjoy popping in a cassette in a cassette deck once in a while.  Maybe you do too.

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