I'm sure you've heard about this, I know I talked about it on my show yesterday.With all the political garbage going on right now, it's nice to see a human moment on TV.  And apparently we got that with the latest Internet Thing - Hallway Pizza Guy.

It's a simple enough moment.  Dude is hungry, dude eats.  He didn't know he was being filmed, and laughs it off when he finds out.

So please, the internet, just let us have this.  Sure, you can do your memes and you can do your jokes, that's fine. But don't ruin it for us like you did with Red Sweater Guy.  You remember him, from the debates a few years ago?  It was a nice, sweet moment and then people had to go and threaten him with bombs and look through his search history to find out he'd looked at Jennifer Lawrence's butt.

So please, Hallway Pizza Guy, do not tell us who you are (to his credit, he hasn't said anything - but people know he's a Georgetown student named Thomas).  Don't make it any easier for the trolls of the world. Sure, take some free pizza if they give it to you.  But the internet can get dark really quickly, and I don't wanna know if you are secretly a date rapist or an Insane Clown Posse stan or an INCEL or something terrible like that. And if there is something like that in your closet, don't let the internet find it.  Just let HPG be a fun little thing on the internet, please. I just want this One Thing to stay cute, please.

You can go back to watching dog videos on YouTube after this, as you were.

Pizzaingly yours,