On Thursday during an open session, the Pettis County Commission approved their 2024 Fiscal Year Budget. Citizens may view the budget on the Pettis County Commission website:


Last year, the Pettis County Commission set the goal to limit deficit spending to take a more fiscally conservative approach. With this commitment, we had greater oversight to appropriate the needed funds to every office more efficiently. This approach better protected the interests of the taxpayers of our great county. Pettis County successfully maintained operational consistency within the established budget in 2023.

Moving forward, the County Commission will persist in upholding a fiscally conservative approach, ensuring the sensible allocation of resources. This continued commitment extends to the safeguarding of taxpayers' interests, reflecting our profound respect for their hard-earned funds. Under the guidance of the Associate Commissioners, innovative processes are implemented to rehabilitate deteriorated roads.

New upgrades and improvements to our procedures have allowed for more miles of road improvements and maintenance, with a greater emphasis in bridge replacements.

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We will continue to increase the efficiency of our county government. We pledge to maintain a vigilant watch over the budgetary framework, prioritizing transparency and accountability. Pettis County remains resolute in its duty to manage finances prudently, embodying a conscientious and respectful stewardship of our financial well-being.

The 2024 General Revenue Budget is balanced at $ 11,626,247.96. The 2024 Road and Bridge Budget is balanced at $ 28,589,291.16 which includes offsetting entries for potential MoDOT 80/20 Bridge Replacement Funding.

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