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Last week was Severe Weather Preparedness Week and it included Missouri's statewide tornado drill. The week, which highlighted how to stay safe during severe weather, also encourages people to have several ways to get information about severe weather. Johnnson County Emergency Management Agency said on Facebook they received some questions and comments about how people can receive emergency alerts related to Johnson County. So I thought it'd be beneficial to pass on that information  for both Johnson and Pettis Counties to you.

Johnson County uses a service called Rave which can send you alerts via email, text or voice. Johnson County uses these alerts to let residents know about things like road closures, gas leaks, missing persons and weather alerts. The system also lets users create a safety profile for their household that will let emergency personnel know any details about their household.

Pettis County uses a service called Nixle. They send alerts for severe weather, missing persons, road closures, and even send the link out to the County's weekly COVID-19 task force briefing notes.

Since I live in Warrensburg and work in Sedalia, and our radio stations serve both towns, I've signed up for both services. It's a great way to keep up with helpful information that might impact you. And it's certainly one of the many ways to can keep aware of potential severe weather.

If you're interested in signing up for Johnson County's Rave alerts you can do that here. If you're interested in signing up for Pettis County's Nixle alerts you can do that here.

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