According to information over 100 miles of the Katy Trail is currently or has been closed due to flooding along the Missouri River. has a story on their page that cites information from the St. Louis Dispatch regarding the Katy Trail and the availibility of travel and the impact due to the flooding of the Missouri river.

Customers of the Katy Trail supply as much as 50% of the business through the year. Unfortunately, due to the flooding, it has has caused problems for many of these businesses. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently reported on the devastating impact the loss of business is having on the Katy Trail businesses and communities.

A few takeaways from the Post-Dispatch article:

  • The Katy Trail really does have a dramatic positive effect on local businesses and communities along the trail.  Many businesses are reporting a 50% drop in business, with trail users unable to access the trail..
  • As unfortunate as the flooding is for these businesses, it also provides a good test case to show the impact of trail users on local economy, particularly in rural Missouri. For example: Is the Rock *Island Trail really going to have a strong positive effect on Rock Island communities? This information gives a strong yesanswer to that question.
  • If you're planning a Katy Trail trip this summer, be aware that much of the trail along the Missouri River is flooded. Even when floods recede, repairing damage could take some time.  In 1993, over 100 miles of the Katy had to be re-built, and the situation looks similar in 2019.
  • The annual Katy Trail ride has been cancelled as well--another hit to the affected communities and businesses.
  • Some riders are still attempting the route, using detour roads. But it is difficult, with many detour roads also flooded, and others not friendly for bicycling.
  • On the other hand--remember that flooding is affecting portions of the trail along the Missouri River only. From Boonville on west, the Katy leaves the Missouri River and is not affected by river flooding.  The entire Rock Island Spur portion of the Katy (47 miles from the Katy at Windsor to Pleasant Hill) is open and not affected by Missouri River flooding.
  • Please keep our flood-damaged communities and businesses in mind and do what you can to help. The floods really are devasting for so many communities, farms, and businesses in the midwest and across Missouri this year.  The affects on the Katy and nearby communities are just a small part of the flood devastation.

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