I mean, not that we're normal.  Come on.  But this one was a little strange, even for us.Our family had our holiday celebration on the 22nd, that Saturday before Christmas. We had my sister and her family come, the girls were here, my dad, it was nice.  We had a traditional Christmas Pizza (I TOLD you guys I didn't know what to do for dinner) and everyone enjoyed each other's company.

Then, after all the family stuff was done, the girls got a little bored.  They did all sorts of nice baking (which the staff here approves of, naturally) and did some homework, a little vegging out, but one night took a turn.  For the silly.


The girls were helping their father with some laundry when both of them got some idea that they wanted to see if they could fit in the dryer.

They can.

So... now you know?  What kind of silly things do your kids do around the house?

Laundrily yours,

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