209 East Broadway Boulevard, an empty building sat there for nearly two years, but we all knew the location, we all knew the famous hamburgers that were flipped there and we can all still see Griffy with his chef's toque and stars in his eyes. That building is now occupied by Yummy's Donuts. They provide donuts, croissants, kolaches, coffee and other drinks.

I was a big fan of the burgers at Griff's and the donuts at Yummy's are great! I love junk food and I enjoy trying new things. I have had a burger called the Luther Burger, which a burger with a fried egg on top with a sliced glazed donut as the bun. The glazed donut burger craze has been noticed, minor league baseball teams serve them at the concessions and they are served at state fairs. Yummy's is in the iconic location of Griff's Burger Bar, what better way to pay tribute than to put their own spin on the donut burger!

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Have you tried a donut burger? Would you try one if Yummy's added this to their menu?

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