Have you ever eaten at a Culver's? I expect many of you have, as they're all over the Kansas City suburbs, as well as in Columbia. That said, I'm still really excited that Culver's is opening a restaurant in Warrensburg. And I'm excited the wait is almost over. According to the Daily Star Journal the restaurant will be open for business on Monday March 2 at 10:00AM CST.

First off I really like the butter burgers. It's not some wimpy hamburger. It's a solid, tasty, stick to your ribs burger. And the fries, they're the crinkle cut fries with just the right amount of crunch when you bite into them. Wisconsinites and Culver's connoisseurs rave about the Wisconsin Cheese Curds on the menu. I've never tried them, or maybe I did twenty years ago, I'll have to try them again.

The custard, specifically the chocolate custard, is fantastic.It's so creamy and delicious. And to finally be able to get a cone or a hot fudge sundae in Warrensburg made with chocolate custard. Fantastic. You just can't do that at the Dairy Queen.

According to the Daily Star Journal, the Culver's will be open from 10:00AM  - 10:00PM CST except for some holidays. Nate Mitchell, franchise co- owner, told the newspaper:

When Warrensburg residents are looking for handcrafted meals and tasty frozen treats, we’ll be ready to serve them with the warm hospitality Culver’s is known for.

I think you'll know where I'll be with my money and my mouth March 2.

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