You've seen the posts since Halloween. When is it officially okay to put up your Christmas tree? Is it finally safe to put it up without receiving ridicule from others?

For many in the United States, Thanksgiving and Black Friday officially kicks off the season for the the pleasin'. (That's can use it if you want!)

It's amazing how many Christmas trees went up over the weekend and how many houses/businesses were decorated in lights. Here at the radio station, we had a company (We Hang Christmas Lights) put up lights on the building on South 65 Highway. (Stop by after dark and check it out!)

Especially, with family in for the weekend, many people use this time to decorate the holiday tree. For many of us, having family scattered across the country, we may have "Our Christmas" other than on Christmas Day. So a lot of people use this time over the Thanksgiving weekend to get together with friends and family and celebrate.

Whether your tree has been up since Halloween or it's yet to be cut, hauled on top of the car, and placed in the designated corner of the house, enjoy the holidays. Remember the reason for the season and give thanks for the blessings we have received throughout the year.

Woman putting ornaments on Christmas tree


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