I have learned something new today that I did not know yesterday. When you begin to enter the Fall months, it's apparently bigfoot breeding season in Missouri. Now, you know.

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Where did I obtain this newfound information about the love life of Mo-Mo/Bigfoot? From my favorite Bigfoot YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory. I always enjoy their new content as there's almost always a new investigation including many in Missouri of the possibility of Bigfoot living near us.

This new episode shared just a few days ago included the breeding habits of the Sasquatch. Here's the exact quote from the host:

I've heard people say that the sasquatch get more active in the Fall...I don't know if that's true or not...that's their breeding season. They get pretty territorial and potentially dangerous toward the winter months.

He mentions that it's just a theory, but it's an interesting one at that. Before you laugh this off, consider this. It's a well-known fact that elk get more aggressive during the rut where the males will frequently challenge anyone or anything he feels is a rival. Why wouldn't the same be true of Bigfoot if they exist?

One of the more famous Bigfoot attacks happened when a mysterious beast threw rocks at a tent during a Discovery Channel show.

That happened during the cold weather months, so perhaps this was just a jealous Bigfoot in mating season? Hey, it's just a theory.

Seriously make sure you follow Sasquatch Theory on YouTube for more interesting Missouri investigations of our (potentially) hairy neighbor in the woods.

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