Riding your 4-wheeler at night can be a frightening endeavor especially if you're doing it on a road with woods on both sides. That's what happened to a Missouri boy when he was riding his grandpa's 4-wheeler at night near his grandpa's farm when he suddenly heard something big running next to him in the woods.

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This is the story of a Missouri man named Victor who shared this tale with Jeff Nadolny on his YouTube channel specializing in paranormal encounters with creatures. According to Victor, he has had multiple experiences with some type of large beast.

Victor said that he lived on his grandpa's farm when he was a boy. It was back around 1985 when he was around 12 years old that he was riding a 4-wheeler to go see his cousin down a dirt road. About a half mile down the road, he saw a deer and stopped the 4-wheeler so he didn't scare the animal. The deer was to his left.

Suddenly, Victor heard something loud to his right...it had to be something big because he could hear large limbs being snapped in two. Victor engaged the 4-wheeler quickly and continued down the road. It was then that he realized that whatever he had heard in the woods was running next to him in the woods. Victor said it looked like "a big dog".

Victor eventually made it to his uncle's house and said "a big wolf" was following him. His uncle told him there were no wolves in that part of Missouri. He got chills and knew that he had to go back down that road to his grandpa's house a couple hours later. He did without incident and told his grandpa what had happened. His grandpa didn't answer him, but he could tell that it did not surprise his grandfather.

On a different occasion, Victor heard something large outside of his window. Then, he heard loud sniffing. He screamed. His grandfather went outside to investigate, but could not find any sign of a creature. Over the years, he would have a constant sense that he was being watched whenever he was near those woods.

What did Victor encounter back in 1985? Was it a lone wolf that had ventured into that part of Missouri or perhaps a bear? Both of those creatures were uncommon in that part of Missouri 40 years ago. All he does know is that it was some kind of large beast and he'll never forget the encounters as long as he lives.

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