Linda Hoover is an artist from Houstonia, Missouri.  She is painting a mural pointing the way to the "MO50" art exhibit at the Missouri State Fair, and she's quite talented.  Earlier in the fair, the portion of the painting that showed people that the exhibit was upstairs had to be removed.  Why?  Because it was done in a style that resembles graffiti, also known as "street art" or "tagging."

I got a chance to see a picture of the original piece, and it did look authentic.  In fact, it was authentic enough that people were walking by and saying "Oh my, you got tagged," according to Hoover.  She also told me that it was a good discussion to remove the portion in question and "Nobody got mad."

Two things she said in passing caught my attention though.

  • "Young people especially are telling me 'that looks cool.'"
  • "People were walking by and were saying, "Aahhh, you got tagged!'

I'm trying to figure out why one wouldn't want young people to find something artistic cool, or why one wouldn't want a sign to do its job and call attention to itself.  What do you think?