Some things I just cannot understand. Two things are near the top of the list. Why aren't teachers and nurses paid more than they are? If you're thinking about becoming a nurse in Missouri, be prepared for sadly among the lowest pay in the nation.

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I have cousins that have been doctors and nurses in Missouri. They are probably the most talented and knowledgeable people I've ever known. That's one reason why I was alarmed when I saw a new study from 24/7 Wall St that listed the states where nurses are paid the least. Near the top of the worst list is Missouri.

How much do nurses get paid in Missouri?

The ranking says that Missouri nurses average $34.55 an hour. That's 6th worst in America, by the way.

The story is even worse in Iowa where nurses there only average $33.35 per hour. Considering the high level of stress they deal with every single day, that is terrible.

Think about the reality that many Missouri hospitals and clinics say they are desperate for more nurses. Will people be willing to step into that gauntlet of high-pressure medical care if the payoff doesn't improve?

The nurse pay problem is not unique to Missouri and Iowa. It's a nationwide issue that needs to improve soon or many that rely on the care of a nurse will sometimes find themselves waiting for no one.

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