Awesome 92.3 listener Louis dropped us a quick note to let us know that the Missouri Department of Corrections is hiring corrections officers and has positions available at the Tipton Correctional Center and the Boonville Correctional Center.

This probably isn't a job for everyone and anyone, but for the right person it might not just be a job, it could be the start of a career in law enforcement. According to the Missouri Department of Corrections job seekers must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be 19 years of age or older with one year of work experience. (30 credit hours from a college can take the place of one year of work experience.)
  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalency.
  • Pass a background investigation and be able to maintain firearms certification training administered by the Missouri Department of Corrections.

This is the type of job that will be stressful. The ability to handle, or even thrive in a stressful job is one quality you'll need to be successful. Having known a couple of corrections officers over the years, here's some other qualities that I think good corrections officers need to possess: The ability to calmly de-escalate situations. The ability to give respect, and command respect, from inmates based on a calm, professional demeanor. The ability to let inmates b.s. not bother you and impact how you go about doing the job.

If you think you can do that it might be a job worth considering. You can check out all jobs with the Missouri Department of Corrections here.



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